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R&D Elevators for Life

R&D Elevators for Life Manufacturing achievements and technological superiority would be impossible without people who work with full knowledge and true taste. They are the ones who embody and realize Metron’s philosophy of useful applied technology and retain customer loyalty indelible through time. More

Fill your Life with Colour

Fill your Life with Colour Powder coating gives a high aesthetic result, high endurance through time and costs less than stainless steel or periodically color surfaces with conventional liquid paint. More

Design and Comfort

Design and Comfort Metron designs its products in light of the aesthetics and ergonomics, to be functional in use with elegant space. More


METRON, in its effort to meet market needs, once again offering to its customers special technology for metal surface treatment - a method of imitation wood / sublimation. In partnership with leading companies in this sector, METRON by using this technology offers a wide range of effects of wood and other decorative options in more than 13 designs. Some of them are smooth, others have got rough surface, which gives solutions for any case. Τhe combination of the above gives METRON the products of high aesthetics and high durability for both cabins and doors.