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Why should you pick Metron?

16,000 m² productive facilities
Metron belongs to ALUMIL Group since 2000
The best equipment and machinery in the sector
R&D is our lever for further development
Metron was founded in 1995 and since 2000 is subsidiary of ALUMIL Group. Company's main field of expertise is the design and construction of complete elevator systems. Several years of experience in the sector, combined with extensive know-how have established Metron in 42 international markets as one of the fastest growing elevator companies.

Metron offers complete lift solutions, fully certified according to the latest elevator safety orders and completely aligned with all the international laws and regulations. Based on these, your collaboration with Metron will provide you:

  • Safety
  • Advanced Technology
  • Customer Service at the highest standards
  • Solutions adjusted to your specific needs
  • Innovative Products
  • Competitive prices
  • Unique Design

Interactive Metron Catalogue
Try our new online configurator and see how your lift will look like. Place your lift in the appropriate environment, choose the shades of colours, the type of building (residential, office, house) and then design your own unique lift.

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Make the best choice

Key factor in order to make the most suitable choice is to understand the main characteristics of an elevator system. Choose your elevator according to the number of floors, the usage frequency and of course the available budget. The best choice is the one that responds to your specific needs.

Ideal choice for low or residential buildings (up to 6 floors), with low installation cost. The system uses oil pressure and it is highly suggested for residential usage.

Usually selected for multi-floor and high rise buildings or shopping malls with high usage frequency. Technologically state-of-the-art, besides the comparatively higher installation cost, traction lifts are the most suitable solution because of their high speed, advanced technology and low energy consumption.

Exploit Metron's know-how and purchase an elevator of high quality and safety. Metron can provide you solutions for each case, even in situations where there is no shaft by constructing a metallic frame on the external surface of your building.

Which is going to be your choice?
Call us today and we will mutually find the offer that corresponds the most to your needs.

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