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Who is Metron?

Metron was established in 1995 by Mr. Ioannis Sandros in Nigrita, Serres  in production facilities less than 500 m2 with original objective of the new company, the construction of automatic doors for lifts. In 2000, Mr. George Milonas (president of Alumil Group) decided to invest in Metron's know-how and human capital, therefore, Metron was integrated to Alumil Group with the relative share restructuring.  After the initial investment Metron moved to the Industrial Area of Serres, Metron began designing integrated lift solutions and turned dynamically to foreign markets that -at the time- accounted for around 20% of its annual turnover.

In 2009 Metron launched its first hydraulic lift complete package while solutions for traction lifts with or without machine room were quickly developed. Today, the company’s extrovert growth has established it in 45 international markets which account for 85% of its annual turnover.


What is the product Warranty? (Certificates – Suppliers)

Metron offers a 2 year factory warranty for all its products. The latest technology equipment, the automated production process, the continuous quality control and the choice of exclusively European suppliers, guarantees the smooth operation of your elevator. All Metron lifts designed in accordance with the European Directive 2014/33/EU are in line with EN 81.20, EN 81.21 for lifts in existing buildings, EN 81.70 for people with disabilities and EN 81.28 for rescuing individuals.

Metron also has the Module H certificate, which is a full quality assurance for the Design, Production, Installation and Certification of Lifts.


Where are Metron products produced? (Factory Facilities)

Metron is based in the Industrial Area of Serres, on a privately owned plot of 36000 m2. The company’s facilities are in a total building area of 18000m2, 16400m2 of which are production sites, while the remaining 1600m2 are the main offices and exhibition areas. Metron’s mechanical equipment is fully automated and highly productive. Sheet metal processing machines, CNC machines, powder coated equipment operate with advanced technology infrastructure and are controlled by servers, while production is coordinated through MRP systems.

In Metron we apply state-of-the-art technology based on industry-leading logistics equipment such as Italian Salvagnini and Trumph & DMG. All mechanical equipment is subject to preventive maintenance checks and is kept in excellent condition. An integral part of the production process is the in-depth quality checks at each production stage for all products.


Who should I contact to buy Metron products?

To find out more about our company’s products or to ask for an offer you can contact us through CONTACT page and we will guide you, in order to find the suitable solution that fits your needs.

What type of lift should I choose?

A basic criterion for choosing the right lift that meets your needs is to understand its key features. Choose your own, based on floors, usage frequency and budget


Ideal choice for small buildings or houses (up to 5 stops), with low installation costs. It is driven by oil pressure and it is the best solution for home use. If there is no shaft, it is the elevator you need along with the construction of a metallic shaft outside the building.


The best choice for multi-storey buildings, large blocks of flats or shopping centers with high traffic. Technologically advanced, despite the relatively high installation cost, they are the most appropriate solution due to their speed, high technology and low energy consumption.


What is your choice?

Call us today to discuss and find together a solution that meets your own needs. 

What is the price of an elevator?

There are many factors that affect the price of an elevator, such as any other industrial product. The first and main factor is if there is an existing shaft or not, its dimensions, the type of elevator (if it’s hydraulic or traction), the required rated load of the cabin, the number of floors, the material coating, the design of the cabins and doors etc.

In any case, the right way to give you an answer to this question is to have one of our engineers visit the place you wish to install an elevator and have a preliminary talk with you, about the features you would like to have so that he could give you an offer.


I need a spare part, what should I do?

To purchase spare parts for your elevator, you should contact the maintenance company of your elevator. After an on – site examination of the spare part, the technician will contact Metron to place the order.

Can I buy components of an elevator or only complete solutions?

Metron as a manufacturing company, produces itself the majority of its products and gets the remaining from reputed European manufacturers. In cases of renovation, our company usually supplies specific parts of the elevator that require modernization. In case of new lifts, the use of complete systems is recommended and this is because the consumer receives a factory warranty from the manufacturer for the entire operation of the lift, avoiding the division of responsibilities among different companies, plus in Metron for complete solutions we guarantee the absolute compatibility of the individual systems.

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